Internal IPPTN Publishing

Compile Chapters & Content Edit


  • Identify reviewer (refer to editors):
  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Contact number (preferably, mobile number)
  4. Correspondence address
  • Requirements for reviewer:
    1. A minimum of two reviewers
    2. Reviewers must NOT come from the same departments of any of the authors or editors (to avoid any conflict of interest)
  • Put chapters in order and ensure the presentation of the book for reviewing purposes.
  • Send the manuscript to the reviewer. Give reviewer one to one and a half months.
  • Honorarium rate is RM300 per review (as per USM Press’ rate).

Other Parts of the Book

  • Parts of the book to put together while the book is at the reviewer:
  1. Contents
  2. Preface/Foreword
  3. Acknowledgements
  4. Executive summary (optional)
  5. List of abbreviations
  6. Introduction chapter to be written by the
  7. Conclusion chapter to be written by the editors
  8. Contributors’/Authors’ biodata (Policy: Authors must write their own biodata)
  9. Blurb

Make Recommended Modifications & Send Chapters to Authors for Rewriting

Once the manuscript has returned from the reviewer(s), go through the comments with the book editors and determine which recommendations to follow and if chapters need to be rewritten. Insofar as possible, make modifications as recommended by the reviewer(s).

Copyedit & Proofread

  • Ensure standard of language (i.e., punctuation, grammar, etc.).
  • Check in-text citations and references (if required, email authors regarding missing citations and references).

Cover Design

  • Two options for this phase:
    1. Internal designing
    2. Outsource
  • IPPTN will upload the cover and blurb onto the IPPTN website as “Upcoming IPPTN Publication once the cover design has been determined.


  • Two options for this phase:
    1. Internal typesetting
    2. Outsource


To apply for ISBN, you must have

    1. Title page
    2. Content page
    3. Preface
    4. Introduction Chapter
      • refer to ISBN Application Forms for items needed.
  • For the publication date to be of the same year, apply for ISBN by 30 June.

    1. If ISBN is applied for on 1 July 2011, the publication year with ISBN is 2012
    2. If ISBN is applied for before or on 30 June 2011, the publication year with ISBN is 2011


  • Obtain quotations from at least three different printers for 500 books.
  • Obtain Vice-Chancellor (VC) approval. Once VC approval has been granted, send burned data CD to the selected printer (documents in CD must be in PDF).
  • First dummy from the printer should arrive in a week. Check through dummy thoroughly and send back to the printer. Second dummy should arrive in a few days (minimum requirement: two dummies).
  • The printer will take around 2-3 weeks to print the monographs. This whole phase takes at least one month.

Book Distribution

  • While waiting for the printers to complete the printing, prepare for book distribution. Hence, email authors and editors for their correspondence address and mobile number.
  • The book distribution list should include the following parties:
    1. Authors
    2. Editors
    3. Reviewers
    4. National Library
    5. Ministry of Higher Education (relevant departments)
    6. Public higher education institutions
    7. Libraries of public higher education institutions
    8. IPPTN associate research fellows
    9. IPPTN advisory board members
  • IPPTN will upload the cover page and blurb of the book as the “Latest IPPTN Publication”, and update the IPPTN e-repository (provide the full reference of the book and blurb to the e-repository officer).