Joint Publication

Compile Chapters & Content Edit

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Contact number (preferably, mobile number)
  4. Correspondence
  • Requirements for reviewer:
    1. A minimum of two reviewers
    2. Reviewers must NOT come from the same departmentsany of the authors or editors (to avoid any conflict of interest)
    3. USM Press has to pay the reviewers
  • Elements to ensure in the manuscript:
    1. Contents
    2. Preface/Foreword
    3. Acknowledgements
    4. Executive summary (optional)
    5. List of abbreviations
    6. Introduction chapter to be written by the editors
    7. Conclusion chapter to be written by the editors
    8. Contributors’/Authors’ biodata (Policy: Authors must write their own biodata)
    9. Index: Key words for each chapter. Each author to highlight at least 20–25 words (per chapter); the words must not be too general. (Pages to be split into two columns; minimum of 4 pages.)
    10. Blurb

Prepare Proposal

  • Fill up the USM Press Proposal icon Proposal and prepare proposal letter to USM Press.
  • Proposal can be submitted with the manuscript or TWO months in advance of the manuscript.

First Submission to USM Press

  • Prepare submission letter of manuscript to USM Press and burn into a data CD the following items:
    1. Manuscript containing the abovementioned 10 elements and the main text
    2. Reviewer info
  • Send to the USM Press counter the following by the stated deadline in the proposal:
  1. Submission Letter
  2. Printed-out copy of the manuscript and blurb (ring binding)
  3. Printed-out reviewer info
  4. Data CD

USM Press Process

  • USM Press will send the manuscript to the reviewer (reviewer will be given one month). When the reviewer sends the reviewed book back to them, USM Press will send the script to IPPTN. USM Press will send the following:
      1. Manuscript
      2. Editor response form
  • Make recommended modifications and fill up the response form. Adhere by the given deadline (USM Press will mostly give IPPTN one month).

Second Submission to USM Press

  • Email the following to the copyeditor (a formal letter is not needed at this stage):
    1. Queries
    2. List of the 10 recipients and their correspondence address
    3. Blurb (if copyeditor requests for it again)

Honorarium Payment

Honorarium amounts to the authors and editors are set according to the book publishing proposal approved by IPPTN and the Ministry of Higher Education. IPPTN must obtain VC approval for the honorarium payment.

Book Distribution

  • While waiting for USM Press to complete the publication, prepare for book distribution. Hence, email authors and editors for their correspondence address and mobile number.
  • The book distribution list should include the following parties:
    1. Authors
    2. Editors
    3. Reviewers
    4. National Library
    5. Ministry of Higher Education (relevant departments)
    6. Public higher education institutions
    7. Libraries of public higher education institutions
    8. IPPTN associate research fellows
    9. IPPTN advisory board members
IPPTN will upload the cover page and blurb of the book as the “Latest IPPTN Publication”, and update the IPPTN e-repository (provide the full reference of the book and blurb to the e-repository officer).

Royalty Payment

Royalty amounts to the authors and editors are determined by USM Press. Await instructions from USM Press’ officers for royalty payment to the authors and editors.