IPPTN Publishing Process

This manual provides the guidelines for book publishing at the National Higher Education Research Institute (IPPTN).

Any publication resulting from an IPPTN project is to formally acknowledge the Institute.

The following are the publication requirements for IPPTN projects:

  1. Every IPPTN project below RM200,000 must yield at least two publications. The publications may be in the form of journal articles (preferably with an indexed journal), book chapters, monographs, edited books or others.
  2. Every IPPTN project of RM200,000 or more must yield at least one monograph or edited book, and two articles (preferably journal articles with an indexed journal). Book chapters or other kinds of publications are optional.
  3. Be it a) or b), one article reporting on the project is to be published in the IPPTN Newsletter.

Any persons involved in the publication in a substantial way, be it in writing, rewriting, editing, reviewing, or strategising is to be duly acknowledged as author or editor. Besides the official editor(s) and author(s), any persons aiding in the publication — in copyediting, fact-finding, data-tabulating, typesetting, formatting, designing or in other capacities — must be duly acknowledged in a note. In any case, approval is needed to obtain assistance of IPPTN staff in any capacity icon IPPTN Assistance Form

The editor(s) is responsible for reading, reviewing, editing and strategising for the ENTIRE manuscript. In addition, the editorial tasks entail preparing the preface, acknowledgements, blurb, introduction and conclusion of the publication. The editor(s) is accountable for bringing the manuscript through the WHOLE publication process from the initial stages of liaising with authors to official publication and launch.

There are two types of publishing processes at IPPTN:

  1. Internal IPPTN publishing (mostly monographs)
  2. Joint publication between IPPTN and Press (e.g., USM Press)

Two items are to be prepared at the beginning of either process:

  1. Timeline of the publication (Gantt chart)
  2. Cost estimate of the publication

Chapter guidelines are to be sent to all authors before the writing process commences (hence, guidelines must be sent to speakers before any conferences; see icon Example of Chapter Guidelines for an example of chapter guidelines).