Workshop on Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA) using ATLAS.ti 8 Software Package

Considering different sources and types of data, running precise qualitative data analysis without employing advanced software packages will be inevitable. For this reason, ATLAS.ti has been developed for the researchers who want to simultaneously see the big picture and appreciate the details. Researchers can simply reveal meaning and relationships based on the data and gain rich insights with this intuitive and powerful QDA software package. 

This workshop is a practical 1-day course that provides an environment for one-on-one coaching on QDA. Through this workshop, the participants will get equipped with modern qualitative data management and analysis.


MYR 150

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12 January 20199:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Idris Babjee Conference Room

School of Education, USM, Penang

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DR MAJID GHASEMY is a senior lecturer at National Higher Education Research Institute (IPPTN), USM, Global Higher Education Network Coordinator appointed by Vice-chancellor of USM, and ATLAS.ti Professional Senior Trainer. His research interests include academic leadership and management, higher education policy and practice, performance effectiveness, sustainable higher education, contemporary issues in higher education, and research methods and methodology.

Majid has published papers in prestigious journals such as Asia Pacific Education Review, SAGE Open, and Malaysian Online Journal of Educational Management. He also collaborates as a reviewer with a few of the high impact journals such as Asia Pacific Education Review, Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education, Higher Education Evaluation and Development, and International Journal of Public Leadership. He routinely designs and delivers qualitative and quantitative data analysis workshops.

Course Highlights

  • ATLAS.ti 8 installation and environment
  • Qualitative research characteristics
  • Data management and organisation
    • Documents
    • Quotations
    • Codes
    • Memos
    • Networks
    • Links
  • Dealing with Endnote data and literature review
  • Networks management
  • Word clouds and word lists to run content analysis
  • Data analysis
    • Query tool and smart codes
    • Co-occurrence explorer
    • Co-occurrence table
    • Code-document tables
  • Creating reports

Workshop Tasks and Deliverables

Participants will be assisted to install ATLAS.ti 8 windows software on their laptops upon arrival to the workshop. Actual data and documents will be made available for practical experience during the workshop. Participants will be guided on working with projects.  They will learn how to create and manage quotations and codes within different types of documents such as audio, video, image, google earth, twitter, and endnote data documents.

Also, the participants will create linkages among different types of data elements and come up with new evidence-based models or networks that can facilitate the process of systematic literature review and identifying main gaps as well. Lastly, they will be guided on preparing meaningful reports for sharing the research findings.

Expected Outcomes

Participants are expected to:

  • Understand characteristics of QDA
  • Understand how ATLAS.ti 8 works
  • Comprehend the analytic strategies in QDA
  • Create and manage new projects
  • Add and manage documents
  • Create quotations within a wide range of qualitative data types such as audio, video, image, text, Endnote, Google Earth and Twitter data
  • Create, edit and manage codes
    • Open coding
    • In vivo coding
    • List coding (and free codes)
    • Quick coding
    • Auto coding
    • Drag and drop method of coding
    • Focus group coding
  • Work with memos and comments
  • Create and manage named and unnamed networks
  • Search for pieces of information throughout the entire sections of the project
  • Group data elements
    • Documents
    • Codes
    • Memos
    • Networks
  • Create word clouds and lists
  • Analyse the data
    • Run query tools and saving smart codes
    • Use co-concurrence explorer
    • Use co-concurrence table
    • Work with code-document table
  • Identify the main gaps in the literature through a systematic approach
  • Deal with Twitter, SPSS, Evernote and Endnote data
  • Prepare the reports

Target Participants

  • Principal investigators of research projects
  • Research fellows
  • Postdoc. fellows
  • Data analysts
  • Academics
  • Postgraduate students
  • Industry representatives
  • Anyone who loves and values qualitative data analysis

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