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To identify issues and critical challenges related to higher education to help develop higher education institutions in Malaysia

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To conduct studies which can assist National Council on Higher Education (MPTN) formulate policies and strategies to develop higher education institutions in Malaysia

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To play a proactive role in identifying issues and challenges in the implementation of national higher education policies

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To be recognised as a body involved in conducting and coordinating research pertaining to higher education issues in Malaysia

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To become a reference and resource centre pertaining to higher education issues and policies nationally and globally

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To be recognised as an important channel between Malaysian higher education researchers and their global counterparts

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  • newsletter1
    IPPTN Higher Education Newsletter Volume 5

    • Academic leadership: Is training needed?
    • Responding to the use of social media by students
    • Commonwealth Tertiary Education Facility (CTEF) Inaugural Workshop
    • Seminar on Higher Education Research Policy
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  • bulletin23
    Bulletin of Higher Education No.23 Dec 2013 - Instilling Values and Ethics in Higher Education Institutions

    Values and ethics are two concepts that are inter-related. Halstead and Taylor (in Zegward & Campbell, 2011, p. 3), define values as “principles, fundamental convictions, ideals,....

    Read more
  • newsletter3
    IPPTN Higher Education Newsletter Volume 4

    • Academic productivity: More than research productivity
    • Collaborative Research
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  • newsletter3
    IPPTN Higher Education Newsletter Volume 3

    • Women in Higher Education
    • Caltech University: Size does not matter
    • Global citizenry: Achieving unity through internationalisation
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  • newsletter1
    IPPTN Higher Education Newsletter Volume 2

    • The new MOOCs: Jumping onto the bandwagon
    • Corruption in Higher Education
    • IPPTN Higher Education Public Talk Series
    • USM Leaders Talk Series 3/2014
    Read more
  • bulletin22
    Bulletin of Higher Education No.22 Dec 2013 - Internationalisation of Higher Education: International Students’ Satisfaction

    Malaysia aspires to be an international education hub and in achieving this, the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) then, has put in place...

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  • global160
    Updates on Global Higher Education No. 160 - Universities will stay

    The implementation of online courses worldwide has widened opportunity to further studies and choices of courses/institutions. Higher education has taken on new dimension...

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  • newsletter1
    IPPTN Higher Education Newsletter  Volume 1

    • The Shanghai Statement
    • Malaysia-Palestine Higher Education Dialogue at Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine
    • Educational Initiatives for Security Conflict of Syrian Refugees, Jordan
    • The 4th Global Higher Education Forum 2013 (GHEF2013)
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